A Stunning Heirloom To Be Cherished For Generations | Genuine Leather Wedding Album

My heart melted when I first held this handsome album. It is the Legend Album and I am happy to announce it's arrival to my studio. We live in an age where the physicality of images aren't appreciated like they were only a couple of decades back. Something awoke in me once again when I carefully unwrapped the binding and began to open the sleek cover. Just the fresh smell of leather alone was absolutely delicious. Am I going overboard? Perhaps. Apologies aside, this wedding album will knock your socks off, and trust me, it's anything but ordinary. The Legend Album is fashioned after an artist's journal, wrapped in genuine leather with a genuine leather strap closure. This album is printed on Fine Art Velvet paper, while Fine Art Watercolor paper is also available. Two sizes are now available in 12x12 (below) and 8x8. 

For a timeless look and something special to pass down for generations, the Legend Album is the cherry on top of your beautiful wedding experience.