Corporate Headshots: More Than Just A Pretty Face


Hiring a professional to photograph your corporate headshot session is absolutely crucial in displaying your portrait to the world. A headshot is a representation of both you personally, and your brand or company. I still come across people asking if the newest smart phones are good enough to take a portrait for a social media profile, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Granted, they can capture nice landscapes if you're wanting to share a quick image to a social media account, however they can't touch what a professional, their skills, camera, and tools can do. A professional will know the exact background, camera settings, lens, lighting, etc. to use to create the perfect image that will set you apart from those taking the photos themselves, or even uploading a photo from a party or event. How professionally you display yourself plays a huge role in attracting the right business or clientele. 

Bong had contacted me asking for corporate headshots for both she and her husband, Will. She continued to tell me of the horrible experience she had with a past headshot session. The camera angle was positioned slightly lower than her eyes, her body faced directly toward the camera (i.e. mugshot), the image had harsh shadows, extremely high contrast (a grungy look), her eyes were dark, and the lighting, overall aged her. In a nutshell, her portrait looked nothing like her. I thanked her for letting me know her concerns ahead of time, and was able to customize the session just for her. 

First off, a headshot of any type, whether it be corporate or personal, should make a person look and feel beautiful, naturally. Portraits are made to best represent the individual and their personality. It's always best to get multiple moods and expressions, and decide later which will perfectly display that individual. Many people often choose at least one big smile and at least one serious pose. 

When it comes to your outfit, try to stay away from solid black or white. The same goes for busy patters. They will only distract people from your beautiful face! For hair, be sure to get it trimmed, cut, or colored at least one week prior to your session. I also highly suggest booking a professional hair and makeup artist the day of your session to look and feel your absolute best. A professional will know what looks best behind the camera, but make sure they are not someone who is makeup-happy and is prone to "cake" it on. The more natural the look, the better. This shoot is all about you, after all. 

Finally, location. In studio, outdoor, and on location sessions are all wonderful settings to take your portrait. It simply depends on the overall look and feeling you wish to convey. Be vocal about what it is you are looking for in your headshot and you will get a customized experience . 

If you're wondering if it's the time to update, or even have your first headshot professionally taken, look at your current profile image through the eyes of a potential client or business looking to hire you. Who do you want to attract? Who is your ideal client? 




Danielle ReiffComment