Register for the Sacramento SPCA Doggy Dash and Help the Fur Babies!


Dogs are unique animals. They are loyal, have an everlasting love, and simply want to be your best friend. Fur babies in general, have a special place in my heart, particularly dogs, so to give back to the community, I'm working with the Sacramento SPCA to help get the word out for their annual Doggy Dash on Saturday, April 28th, 2018 at William Land Park. This walk is one of the largest, if not THE largest dog walks in California, and helps the SPCA and community surrounding it in many ways. To learn more about this amazing event (and the fun, AKA Bark in the Park Festival, that follows the walk), click here. In the photos below, you will find some of the awesome people with their furry friends who are a big part of the Sac SPCA and help make this event possible each year. Enjoy all of the smiling doggy faces! Cheers! 

And a huge thank you to Dawn, Sarah, and Karen (the lovely ladies above) who helped make this fun photoshoot possible! You guys seriously rock (so do your pups)!