Stephanie & Matt's Engagement Session | Muir Woods National Monument, Mill Valley AKA Slice of Heaven


There are plenty of beautiful locations on this planet, but then there are those truly spectacular ones, like this. Top it off with a model couple, and viola! You have one ecstatic photographer nerding out every step of the way. Yes, a plethora of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones references were made. 

I first met Stephanie during a Bridal Expo show at The Falls Event Center, in Elk Grove. She and I discussed their wedding plans and what they were looking for in a photographer. As luck would have it, shortly after booking with me, I drew the winner to my engagement session giveaway, and it was Stephanie! Hearing how happy she was to have won made me so excited to start prepping for their shoot.

Stephanie and Matt love the forest. So, we knew Muir Woods would be the ultimate location for their dreamy, redwood-filled engagement session. Getting closer to the park, the trees get bigger, everything becomes greener and before you know it, you're in an emerald wonderland. We were surrounded by the fresh aroma of wet foliage and the melodies of native birds, as we walked along the trail. The forest seemed to breathe as a rush of air flowed through the branches. It was the perfect day for a romantic stroll through the woods. As we walked higher up the trail, we were greeted by an even more fantastic sight. The golden light of the setting sun caressed Stephanie and Matt as it broke though the trees, making this one of my favorite shots of the day. After getting to see how the forest brings out the passion and romance that Stephanie and Matt share for each other, excited is seriously an understatement for how this photographer feels about their upcoming wedding, in South Lake Tahoe. 

Makeup by Victoria Schnell

Engagement Ring by Padis Jewelry