It’s that time of year again - wedding and baby season! There are so many radiant pregnant moms, new moms, and moms who have had beautiful babies all around me. I can honestly say in the early years of college, I wasn’t sure if I wanted kids. I had very mixed feelings about how I could flourish in my career while also being the best mom for my children. Well, after meeting so many wonderful clients and boss ladies with kids, I am excited to have a family of my own in the future (however near or far ).

I was just at this same park on Saturday and saw the usual masses of photographers and clients alike. However, one particular boss lady stood out to me. I first noticed the ever-giant, white 70-200mm lens she held while shooting a lovely couple and their two kids. Upon closer inspection, there was a tiny baby in a baby sling on her back. I looked around to see if she had a second shooter or assistant and she did not. She was shooting that session as a new mama by herself. Major RESPECT. That lady better receive the recognition she deserves this Mother’s Day!

Coming back to this story, this beautiful family was an absolute joy to photograph. Talk about baby fever!!! THOSE EYES. We walked through the park to find the best locations as this gorgeous couple loved on their precious baby girl. I look forward to future sessions with this couple and each family I have the pleasure of meeting. It is truly amazing to watch them grow and look back on past sessions together.