Extended Family Portraits at the State Capitol Park, Sacramento, CA


It’s always fun getting to photograph family portraits, especially families such as this one where it was easy to get natural giggles out of everyone. I love getting to know each individual of the group and finding their very best side and capturing their personality. When I began shooting the group, I noticed one of the fathers had the natural ability to make everyone laugh, making my job both easier and harder; harder because he would make jokes while I was shooting, so I would have to remind him to pose as I laughed with them.

All of us had an absolute blast together as we walked throughout the park starting at the International World Peace Rose Gardens, heading to the succulent area, then back to the roses where the golden sun light lit up beautiful, smiling faces.

Every moment is so very precious. You never know when your last day will be on this earth, so make each second of it count taking the time to tell and show your family and friends you love them.