Looking Back On My First Wedding | Don & Marilyn's Beautiful Re-Affirmation - Vow Renewal


After looking through years of past work, I came across this gem. It just so happens to be my very first wedding, bringing back so many wonderful memories of that day with two of my favorite people. 

When Don asked me to photograph his Re-Affirmation Ceremony with his wife, Marilyn for their 40th Wedding Anniversary, I was overwhelmed with excitement and honor knowing their wedding story years ago. On their wedding day, they had a  perfect time. Their location, their vendors, and of course their loved ones helped make the day all the more special. Some time had passed after their big day, so they asked their photographer when they should expect the delivery of their prints. To much heartbreak, all of their photos had vanished. For a reason unknown, the photographer could not deliver a singe image he took that day from either of his cameras. 

Years later, Don decided to surprise Marilyn with a beautiful Re-Affirmation Ceremony, including both Christian and Hindu ceremonies. This man is a true gentleman and romantic. The event took place in their beloved friends' backyard where freshly blooming spring flowers and many lush, green trees swayed gently in the breeze around us.  Their renewal was peaceful, intimate, and included their dearest and closest friends and family to witness and celebrate their wonderful marriage. 

I am truly blessed to have had met friends such as these through my husband Steve, where we look up to them as not only mentors but as another set of grandparents. We will miss them greatly when they make their move across the US.